Chart Styles

There are many ways to orient your chart and combine different charts together to creat exactly what you want to display.   Browse the diagrams below to get some ideas!

Ancestor Box ChartAncestor Box Chart up Ancestor Box Chart LR Ancestor Box Chart RLAncestors and descendents Ancestors plus siblings  Bow Tie with descendentsHour Glass Descendent Box Chart LRDescendent Box Charts US vs UKAncestor Chart plus image as background Fan Chart 180 degrees Fan Chart  Ancestor Pedigree

2 thoughts on “Chart Styles

  1. Iain Nixon


    I have a very large family tree with many generations that I do want to capture and want to know if you can print on a continuous roll of paper to be able to print it.

    I looking at around 70 generations on some family lines

    1. barb2e Post author

      Hi Iain
      Yes I can print up to 18 metres on a continuous roll. I am limited to A1 width though which is 60 cm.


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