Sample Charts

Browse the charts below and see what you too could create….


George Newman ancestors Bow Tie Chart  JC Newman descendents

Frederick Glover2 Lorraine Wallace ancestors

2 thoughts on “Sample Charts

  1. D. Robert Smith

    I have just under 10,000 persons in my tree. Can you print that large of a tree and at what cost.
    I would supply the file from

    1. barb2e Post author

      It is never possible to print everybody on one chart – similar to how you have to open up new sections on Ancestry. I can print a very large chart that is either Ancestors or Descendants from a single focus person. My size constraints are 60cm x 18 metres and printing is costed by metre. It is also possible to combine sections into a bespoke designed chart, adding photos, text etc as well. That is costed by time. Happy to discuss. Cheers Barb


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